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New Campaign Launched in August 2011

November 30, 2011 Press Releases

Love Irish Food launches its new campaign today, August 15th. The campaign features new creative for TV, radio, outdoor and in-store and focuses on the economic benefits of buying Love Irish Food brands. The campaign will run for 5 months with a value of almost €350k and will deliver 1850 TVR’s from TV. Media activity will be supported with PR and in-store activities.


Executive Director for Love Irish Food, Kieran Rumley, commented, “In our new TV ad, all the action takes places in a supermarket, which immediately connects our message to the point where shoppers make the decision to buy Love Irish Food brands. It uses the conventional language of supermarket offers and experiences to demonstrate the link between purchases and their affect on jobs.”

Screen Grab 3

A woman stands at a supermarket checkout watching as the operator runs her shopping through the till. There is a branded Love Irish Food shopping bag beside her. We hear a ‘beep’ as each item is scanned and then packed into the bag. We see the rolling total on the display unit change continually. It goes from 146 to 367 to 1,680 to 3,200 and so on, never settling on a final figure. The woman looks at it and, to our surprise, gives a little smile. The voiceover talks about supporting Irish livelihoods with the end screen title – Love Irish Food. Works for all of us.

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Radio will run for 4 weeks from August 17th on national and local radio including RTE 1, 2FM, Today FM, Newstalk and all local stations and target housekeepers with children with Opportunity-to-Hear of 6. It will focus on how purchasing Love Irish Food brands benefits Irish livelihoods and how Love Irish Food. Works for all of us.

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