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Shelflife: 20 Quick Questions with Gareth Smyth

April 24, 2018 Profiles and Interviews

1. Do you breakfast or ‘deskfast’ in
the mornings?
Breakfast with my family.
2. How do you get to work?
3. Favourite time of the day?
Seeing my kids’ faces when
I arrive home from work.
4. Best ad on telly?
5. Worst ad on telly?
6. Best new product (outside of
the brands you represent)?
New Irish season Keeling’s
7. How do you get your news; print
or web?
The web on weekdays
but old school print on
8. Favourite grocery shop?
Wegmans, in the USA.
9. International product you would
like to see available in Ireland?
Merchant’s Heart Tonic.
10. Facebook or twitter?
Twitter @eastcoastbake
11. Favourite website?
12. Favourite politician?
My all-time favourite is
Gandhi. Irish, currently it’s
Simon Coveney.
13. Most annoying public figure?
Donald Trump.
14. Biggest fear?
Running out of time to
complete everything I wish
to achieve!
15. Greatest achievement to date?
After my family, helping
divest Lucozade and
Ribena from GSK to
Suntory for €1.6bn.
16. Favourite quote?
“You can’t build a
reputation on what
you’re going to do”
– Henry Ford.
17. Cash or card?
18. Pop or rock?
19. What’s the best thing about
living in Ireland?
Love Irish Food
products, fresh produce,
entrepreneurial spirit and
sense of humour.
20. What’s the last compliment
you received?
Told I was charming and
funny by Grace, my fouryear-old!

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