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Sussed Nutrition

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Sussed is a small food producer with a giant goal.
Our mission is to bring you the healthiest, most sustainable foods to help you live a healthier, happier lifestyle.
We source the finest ingredients, which are kindest to your heart.

At Sussed we keep our oils super healthy putting our
heart into every step of production.

Sourcing The Seed

Our rapeseed is sourced directly from trusted farmers. Our sustainable approach to farming is better for you and better for our planet.

Algae is a super healthy, superfood. It is full of natural goodness and bursting with Omegas. Our Algae is sourced from a pure and controlled environment. Unlike fish oils, Algae Oil is free from environmental contaminants and is vegan friendly. It is also a wonderfully sustainable food source.

Careful Fermentation

Our Algae is grown in vats, in a pure and controlled environment before being cold pressed to release the oil.

Cold Pressed Method

Our Rapeseed Oil and our Algae Oil are both certified to Cold Pressed and Extra Virgin standards. This ensures they retain all their natural goodness, deliciously light flavours and heart boosting benefits.

Our special, cold pressed method ensures that all the omegas and vitamins are retained to provide a powerhouse of nutrients, proven to boost brain function, vision maintenance and optimal Heart Health. An Expeller Press naturally releases the Algae Oil and Rapeseed Oil.

The process is all natural and produces no waste, making it better for you and better for our planet.

Naturally Blended Algae Oil and Cold Pressed Extra Virgin
Rapeseed Oil:

At Sussed, we craft a delicious, natural blend of Algae Oil and Rapeseed Oil to carefully maximise the benefits of each. This ensures a nutrient-dense powerhouse, that is the healthiest cooking oil available and the kindest oil for your heart.

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