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Robert Roberts Tea

Robert Roberts have been blending and packing tea in Dublin since 1905.

Robert Roberts understand what an important role tea has always played in Irish life. Tea is how we convey a welcome, express sympathy or offer refreshment. Just like Ireland, tea drinking has changed over the years and Robert Roberts’ teas reflect that change. There has been a huge increase in interest in health and wellbeing and we all expect to get more from our food and drink.

Hydration and refreshment

Tea has always provided hydration and refreshment but increasingly the focus is on its antioxidant qualities- especially those added benefits found in herbal and green teas.

Full range of popular teas

Robert Roberts has a full range of these popular teas – including antioxidant-packed Green Tea, zesty Green Tea with Lemon and Echinacea, fruity Blueberry and caffeine-free Rooibos. We are also proud to offer a quality range of Fairtrade Black teas.

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