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Organic for Us

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Organic for Us is full of natural goodness. Whether you walk around on two legs or four, we believe organic is better. That means our cattle are not fed GM feed, and our grass is free from artificial chemicals and pesticides.

Much of our Organic for Us milk is produced from an organic farm at An Grianan in County Donegal, where cows roam the lush naturally grown grass free pesticides and fertilisers and are fed non-gm feed. The 800 acre farm is set on land reclaimed from the sea on the Inishowen coast and the sea shells and Atlantic sea water add rich vitamins and minerals to the grass. The cows of An Grianan calf all year round which helps Organic for Us milk have the best consistency in the country – not surprisingly it has scooped awards at Blas na hEireann for three consecutive years! Organic for Us is truly natural.

The way in which Ian, his family and all our suppliers run their farms is not just good for us, it’s better for the environment. There are no artificial pesticides, no artificial fertilisers and no harmful chemicals used on the farm. Therefore Organic for Us milk is fortified only by nature – bursting with the Sunshine Vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B2 and B12, giving you and your family a milk full of natural goodness. And – Organic for Us milk is the only organic milk available in 2 Litre pack size! Making natural living easier for you and your family.


Our milk is 100% free from all artificial pesticides and fertilisers; it’s the product of farming the way it used to be, all natural, in one with nature.

This Award winning wholesome milk, is the perfect convenient carton of goodness, for your breakfast cereal to your signature coffee.
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Organic for us 1 litre low fat milk retains all the goodness of whole milk whilst being lower in fat and calories.

No Artificial pesticides or no harmful chemicals are used on farm, and its non GM.

It’s farming the way it used to be, all natural, in one with nature.


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