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Straight from our family farm, fantastic O’Eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner, a quick snack or an amazingly indulgent treat!

Find us in your local store and discover our especially delicious, nutritious and incredibly versatile O’Eggs.

We started keeping hens on our family farm 150 years ago selling the eggs to neighbours and local shops. Today our eggs are still distributed locally. Using traditional farming methods, our hens, these eggs and you, the lucky consumer, all benefit from decades of handed down know-how.

The new pink pack is on the super market shelves now and is supporting Action Breast Cancer. Every pack that is sold helps with 5% of their retail price to the Irish Cancer Society. This support is very close to our hearts as both Leo and Margaret O’Egg have lost love ones to cancer like many families around Ireland. When the opportunity aroused, all our family jumped at the chance to be part of such a big awareness group.

Why is this pink pack different and exciting?

We are the first in Ireland to use white free range hens to produced tasty eggs. These white eggs are used in the pink pack and coded in the same colour with the pink ribbon on them. In 2011 we were the Winning Exhibit with ICOGRADA Galleria International, this is the world body for professional design founded in 1963. This gave us an extra boost at a time when we were only getting started.

We are often asked how do we get a white egg? The answer is simply, a white hen with white lobes will lay a white egg.

All our hens still roam happily though the green fields of the farm producing ‘’Irelands tastiest Free Range Eggs’’.


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