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McDonnells Curry Sauce

McDonnells Curry Sauce

At home in Drogheda, we have been busy developing a range of sauce mixes to extend the McDonnells Curry Family. We have sourced an exciting range of authentic flavours from around the world and have blended them together using our unique process. This is all to create the best tasting curries that suit Irish tastes!

McDonnells has been part of Irish life since 1980s. McDonnells Curry Sauce is Ireland’s favourite and its secret recipe was originally developed in Drogheda, using an eclectic range of spices. Today, McDonnells Curry is still produced in Drogheda but its curry range has expanded! Click here to find out more about our New Curry Range.

McDonnells Original Curry Sauce is Ireland’s favourite! The secret recipe dates back to the 1980s, when it was developed in Drogheda, using an eclectic range of spices sourced from around the world. It has a creamy texture and subtle spicy tone.

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