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McCambridge Bread

Malcolm McCambridge opened his own shop in Ranelagh, Dublin in 1945 having moved from Shop Street in Galway in the West of Ireland. The latter still thrives in family hands to this day.

In the early 50’s, his son John joined the business at the age of 14 and subsequently took control in the early 60’s

Initially selling products sourced from around the world, he gradually developed a range of local produce made with the help of a team located in the kitchen just behind the store.

Recognising the increasing popularity of McCambridge home-made foods, John saw the opportunity to market them on a National basis.

Steadily, the now-famous Irish Stoneground Wholewheat Bread, increased in popularity around Ireland and even further afield.

In 1994, Michael McCambridge joined the business and focussed on consolidating the work done by the McCambridge family over the previous five decades.

Today, McCambridge bread has nearly one-third share of the Irish market and is readily available all over Ireland and proudly displays the signature of John McCambridge.


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