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Manor Farm.

From the humble beginnings of Manor Street in Dublin’s North Inner City in 1775, to the rich green pastures of County Cavan, there’s one family that’s always been at the forefront of great tasting Manor Farm Irish chicken. The Carton family is proud of their chicken tradition; after all, it’s been going for over eight generations now! That’s 240 years of passion, knowledge, expertise and skill. But it’s not just the family, it’s the generations of people who work with Manor Farm, the farmers who rear the chickens, they’re all part of this great tradition too. And the company has been rewarded through the years with a multitude of awards to make Manor Farm synonymous with the best in Irish chicken.

Proud of its Irishness the company employs 850 people directly, contracts 168 farmers and gives indirect employment to many more throughout the 26 counties.

Manor Farm is committed to supporting Irish which will guarantee the consumer that Irish products are kept on the shelves and will keep jobs in Ireland.  Manor Farm has one of the most modern processing facilities in Europe producing consistently premium quality chickens week in week out at its home in the heart of Co. Cavan. The company is the largest processor of chickens by far in the Republic of Ireland.

Consistent within Manor Farm at all times is dedication to Quality and the production of unique and very tasty chicken products from the best chicken that we ourselves produce in Ireland. The company prides itself on the number of Awards consistently achieved down the years and continues to invest heavily in quality assurance through its highly trained quality assurance personnel and quality systems.

The company supplies a range of chicken products to all Irish multiples under the stores own brand label or under the well known  Manor Farm label. Every chicken product supplied to the Retailer is guaranteed top quality Irish chicken fully traceable back to our quality assured Irish farms.


Manor Farm

Shercock, Co. Cavan. Ireland

Tel: 042-9691100

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