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Lir Chocolates


The name Lir comes from the Irish Legend of the Children of Lir. Lir was a powerful king of the magical Tuatha De Dannann, one of the earliest tribes to inhabit Ireland. On the death of his beloved Queen, Lir married her sister Aoife so that his children would have a loving mother. Aoife was intensely jealous of Lir’s love for his four children and by use of powerful sorcery the like of which, it is said, had not been in Ireland before or since to that day, she transformed them into four white swans. The story of the children of Lir is a legend of deep mystery, magical powers, poetry, love, beauty and passion – like Lir Chocolates.

  Lir was established in Ireland in 1987 by Connie Doody and Senator Mary White in Connie’s kitchen. Few would have ever imagined that one day it would grow into a business with a multi-million annual turnover and contracts with many of the leading UK and Irish supermarkets Lir specialises in the manufacturing of luxury boxed assorted chocolates to be sold under the Lir and Baileys brand. Lir have invested extensively in our product, developing cutting edge packaging. This is reflected in the luxury seasonal chocolate
collections on offer.

Our mission is to provide excellence through our products and service, to ensure this is achieved each chocolate is designed and handcrafted by a highly skilled and experienced chocolatier. Lir understand it is imperative to source the highest quality raw materials and freshed ingredients to ensure we are producing the premium quality Irish made products. For years we have been providing just that. Testament of this is came in the form of several Great Taste Awards in recent years, which are the widely recognised as the bench of fine foods throughout Ireland and the UK. You can be guaranteed there is a product to suit all pockets and keep in line with any budget.

Lir are award winning chocolatiers:

   Hand crafted chocolate exepertise

    Large production plant in Navan, Co Meath creating local employment

    Traditional confectionary making methods with hand finishes

   Chocolate that engulfs your senses; its taste, scent, texture and colour

    Quality and only the best ingredients

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