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Legacy Irish Cider

Legacy Company overview

Legacy Cider is a local craft Waterford cider, made in South East Ireland, with the backing of three generations of apple experts combining almost 70 years of heritage and history into a cider.

Wilsie McDonnell grew apples in West Waterford in the late 1950s. His son Pat had a passion for apples, he became a doctor in the study of apple production and developed his own Coronet miniature apple tree which sold extensively throughout Europe under the brand Coronet The Miniature Apple tree, and still selling Nationally and Internationally to this day and his son Liam is continuing the Legacy by captivating their 70 year history and heritage in a bottle of premium Irish Cider.

Legacy Irish Cider is a range of natural crisp ciders using local handpicked apples.  The product range includes:

  • Dry Cider is the Original Legacy Cider. It is a little dry, starting off a little sweet with a green apple sharp note. A great cider with fish or white meat.
  • Legacy Medium Cider is a completely different cider; a ripe red apple sweetness, rich caramel notes, subtle tannins on the mid palate and a soft dry finish to balance. This is a cider drinker’s cider, a great thirst quencher! Easy drinking, great flavour profile and a natural apple aroma.
  • Mulled Cider is a winter offering, packaged with two bottles of cider and a bottle of mulled syrup to mix – the complete kit. This Mulled Cider has the perfect blend of orange zest, spices and the award-winning Legacy Irish cider, the product has been perfectly blended by Liam in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Simply Mix Heat Enjoy

What is different about Legacy?

We know apples! We have over 70 years’ experience across 3-generation apple of developing apple expertise and we believe the difference is in the taste as a result of the perfectly blending we do in Dungarvan, Co Waterford, but we also think out unique flavour profiles are supported with two important steps which we feel contribute hugely to the final product:

  • We use only three apple varieties; a cider apple, a cooking apple and an eating apple. Through our product development stage, we found that the more apple varieties in the blend the less you tasted them so we used two strong apples for body, dryness and character and one light fruity variety as a back filler to balance the other two.
  • We ferment each of these apple varieties separately for several reasons, the most important being that each of the apples ripen at a different time. We are very conscious about picking the apples at the correct time of ripening (which varies each year) but also, we can get an incredible flavour from each apple variety when we ferment them separately under the correct conditions.

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