Image: Coole Swan
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Kilmeaden is delighted to support the “Love Irish Brands” initiative to support home-grown industries and Irish food suppliers. Kilmeaden is the no.1 branded block in Ireland a cheese made from a traditional recipe unique to Kilmeaden that has been in use for nearly 50 years.

Kilmeaden is renowned for superior quality and a unique taste, thanks to the craftsmanship and care that goes into every block. But don’t just believe us……..Kilmeaden won gold yet again at the Irish Cheese Awards, further solidifying its reputation as “The Fillet of Cheddar”

Did you know…

The quality and uniqueness of Kilmeaden Cheddar can be attributed to the fact that we have a strict selection process and a full time Irish cheese grader who tastes Kilmeaden on a regular basis (as it matures) to ensure only the best cheese goes into Kilmeaden, hence our promise that we “select the best, and take away the rest”. Kilmeaden is matured for up to 10 months, giving it all the time it needs to develop its distinctive flavour and unique taste.

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