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Keogh’s, the entrepreneurial Irish farmers who have been growing potatoes in north county Dublin for over 200 years, launched Keogh’s hand cooked Irish potato crisps in November 2011. Keogh’s entered the crisp and snack category as the only “on-farm “producers of hand cooked potato crisps in Ireland, having set up a small crisping house on their farm, hand cooking their crisps in small batches and turning them from “crop to crisp” on the same day.

Keogh’s have carefully selected authentic Irish food ingredients to create their delicious flavours. Their Atlantic Sea Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar flavour incorporates David Llewellyn’s Irish Orchard Produce from his small-holding in North County Dublin and their Shamrock & Sour Cream crisps are seasoned using authentic Irish Shamrock grown by Living Shamrock in Ballinskelligs Co. Kerry.  Both of these flavours are gluten free and are the only Irish produced gluten-free crisps on the market.

Keogh’s Roast Beef & Irish Stout flavour is seasoned with Black Rock Irish Stout produced in Dungarvan Co. Waterford and finally the Dubliner Irish Cheese & Onion variety is flavoured with the world famous Dubliner Cheese. Both of these flavours won Great Taste Gold awards from the UK’s Guild of Fine Food in 2012.

Keogh’s have also developed “Spud Nav”, the world’s first potato tracking device which allows  customers to trace their packet of crisps back to the exact field in which the potatoes where grown.  Each bag of Keogh’s Crisps displays the name of the field and by typing this into Spud Nav search engine on our website www. a Goggle map image of the field is displayed.

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