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Juice Press

Juice Press has been serving Irish People since 1919 from its home among the hills of Donegal. We are still family owned and employ over 170 staff.  We simply squeeze the sweetest fruit, blend it and then serve it “Simple, honest squeezed juice with noting added”, reflecting the timeless values of the Irish Countryside.

Our fruit juices, use to the maximum Irish fruit in all our recipes. Juice Press fruit juice is made primarily from Irish grown dessert and culinary fruit. All of our fruit is sourced from the gardens of Ireland, from the Bramley orchards of Armagh, down to Waterford – the “fruit basket of Ireland”

Irish Fruit, without question, makes the finest juice, and by extending our range to the further reaches of the country, our ability to select the best fruit for pressing, ensures our juice and smoothies are consistently of the highest quality.

The fruits are pre-blended prior to pressing to ensure an even balance between sweetness and acidity, our secret recipes for the  fruits used,  give the juice a strong fruity aroma and rounded fresh flavour of our famous apples, raspberries and blackcurrants.

Once blended, all fruits are washed, hand graded – to ensure only the best fruits are pressed – before being rinsed three times. Once ready, they are transferred to the mill where they are pressed by one of our Bucher Guyer fruit presses. The “mash” is then cold pressed for two hours to extract fresh “single strength” juice.  It is then chilled prior to packing and despatched with great care for your maximum enjoyment.

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