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Hyde Irish Whiskey


HYDE Irish Whiskey is an independent premium Irish whiskey brand.

At HYDE we are proud to be purveyors and curators of some of Ireland’s finest Irish whiskey.

HYDE is a family of specialist, limited edition, Irish whiskey expressions, matured and ‘finished’ to perfection in the idyllic landscape and temperate climate of County Cork, on the Wild Atlantic way coast in south west Ireland.

Named in honour of Ireland’s first President, Douglas Hyde, HYDE whiskey is hand chosen with great care and is representative of only the very finest Irish whiskey produced in only the very best Irish distilleries.

We are passionate about the age old craft of ‘Bonding’ and curating fine Irish whiskey  to our very strict standards. At HYDE we carefully hand select only the very finest Irish whiskey,  made by only the very best Irish whiskey distilleries, which we then in turn ‘finish’ in a variety of vintage oak casks sourced directly from distilleries and bodegas around the world

Carefully chosen Irish whiskey is paired with high quality vintage oak casks, which are hand sourced, from some of the world’s most iconic bodegas and distilleries, by HYDE family members.

HYDE whiskey is then ‘finished’ to perfection in a variety casks such as Rum, Sherry, Burgundy, Bourbon, and Port, allowing the whiskey to interact with the natural oak cask wood for several months of ‘finishing’.

This age old yet complex and natural biochemical process gives each of our HYDE whiskeys its unique character, distinctive aroma, and award winning taste.  HYDE Irish Whiskey is non-chill filtered and cut using only pure and natural spring water, giving it a uniquely natural character.


The HYDE family have a long tradition of being involved in the drink business in Ireland.

The HYDE’s were well known bar owners at ‘Tinker’s Cross’ just outside Bandon in West Cork, from 1640 to 1962. Here the Hyde’s would sell fine Irish whiskey and draught Stout straight from wooden oak casks that they would tap with a wooden mallet and a brass tap.

This same HYDE Bar was also the HYDE Blacksmith’s forge for over 300 years. The HYDE family were Vintners here for over ten generations. HYDE’s bar was famous for always having some of the finest ‘Bonded’ Irish whiskey in West Cork.

Today Alan & Conor Hyde are the first generation of Hyde’s not to own a pub in West Cork, Ireland, but they continue the HYDE reputation for bonding and purveying some of Ireland’s finest Irish whiskey.



Our motto at HYDE Whiskey is “It’s all about the wood”     #itsallaboutthewood


It is well recognised that up to 80% of any final whiskey taste is as a direct result of the interaction between the maturing ‘new make’ whiskey and the wooden cask in which it is aged.

As such, cask Wood Management is our primary area of focus and expertise.

The whiskey maturation process is influenced by many subtleties such as local climate and how the oak casks are stored and managed as the whiskey matures to final perfection.

At HYDE we carefully select only the very finest Irish whiskey, made by only the very best Irish distilleries, and we then ‘finish’ this whiskey in vintage  oak casks that we source from around the world.

We primarily finish our whiskey in Bourbon, Sherry, Rum, and Burgundy casks. But we are also experimenting on aging HYDE whiskey in Port, Madeira, Cognac and even Beer casks.

  • Sherry Cask Finish 250L toasted Oloroso Sherry ‘Hogshead’ casks from Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, in Southern Spain.
  • Dark Rum Cask Finish 200L Char flamed dark Rum casks from the Island of  Barbados in the Caribbean.
  • BURGUNDY CASK Finish 228L Ex-Burgundy vintage red wine casks (Pinot Noir) from the Cote d’Or vineyards near Dijon,  France.
  • Bourbon Barrels 200L ex-bourbon barrels from Kentucky in the United States of America.

We flame a specific ‘char level’ to each vintage oak cask type before filling in order to create award winning Irish whiskey which  is rich in character and truly unique in taste.

The time and effort that we put in to sourcing our vintage oak casks from around the world is what allows us to take a great Irish whiskey and make it taste event better. This is why we have won just so many internationally recognised awards for our HYDE whiskey.

We also source ‘new make’ whiskey, made to our own very strict specifications, from two great Irish distilleries. This ‘new make’ whiskey spirit is then laid down for many years to  age and mature in our own casks at our Bonded warehouse in Little Island, County Cork.

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