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Gino’s Gelato

Our gelato is more than eye catching. Freshly made every morning at each of our gelaterias, it’s full of flavour.

The organic milk we use in Ireland comes from happy cows who have spent the past few days grazing happily on a farm by the Atlantic Ocean.

Gino’s Gelato is an Irish owned company, operating in the Republic of Ireland. It sources all its milk from organic farms in Ireland to make this uniquely wonderful Irish gelato. Gino’s Gelato emlpoys nearly 200 people in gelaterias throughout Ireland and is a proud member of Love Irish Food.

Gelato isn’t just the Italian for ice cream. It’s a whole new taste experience and one which Italy has become famous for. Once tasted you will never look back. What makes Gino’s gelato even more unique is that the product is made fresh in each of our premises on a daily basis using only the best ingredients including our own organic milk to guarantee a consistency that wins over the taste buds of all those who have experienced Gino’s.

We’re keen to recreate those special memories of ice cream on the go and bring them to new generations with our gourmet homemade Italian gelato made fresh in each of our premises daily. After nearly 40 years in the business, the Gino’s brand was unveiled in 2008, specialising in gelato. In 2008 after almost 40 years of commitment to the ice cream business and the development of our unique gelato recipe it was time to unveil our new brand that embodied all the values and qualities of our product, Gino’s Gelato was born.



Our key ingredient is freshness. Having started our business by the fresh sea air, we found an unusual way to keep the seaside tradition in our gelaterias across Ireland.



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