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Galmere is a family business run by the founder JJ Coppinger. Galmere was founded in 1980 starting out with a small range of freshly prepared salads. The company now produce a large range of salads as well as sandwich fillers and soups. Galmere has been based in Galway since its beginning and is proud of its heritage.

It is our commitment to taste, cuisine and knowledge of food that sets us apart. Culinary values underpin everything we do – qualified chefs hold key roles in Galmere. We are committed to manufacturing food products that reflect our culinary values and knowledge of food. We aim to produce foods that deliver on our taste promise.

Coppingers range

The Coppingers exclusive and core range are 8 individually packaged, high quality, salads. These include such popular varieties as Coleslaw, Potato Mash and Egg Mayonnaise. The Coppingers range was launched in 2008. All varieties come in a handy 250g container, while Coleslaw and Potato Mash also come in 400g containers, perfect for sharing.


A food company run by chefs

  • In-house development expertise and production of our own Sauces & Mayonnaises.
  • Reputation for integrity, high quality and value for money.
  • Award winning products based on innovation and manufacturing excellence.


Irish Jobs: Galmere Fresh Foods currently provides employment to 35 people.

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