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Clonarn Clover


Margaret Farrelly began selling free range eggs in the early 1980s to supplement income from her husband Leo’s small farm on the Cavan-Meath border. Clonarn Clover started with 150 free range hens. Today the business has a free range flock of 160,000 hens and produces and packs 48 million eggs a year. She launched a new brand, O’Egg, which includes traditional free range eggs plus pasteurised liquid egg products for cooking and baking. The business employs 32 people. Find out more here.

The impromptu tiny Clonarn Clover (formerly Farrelly’s Eggs) seed was sown 24 years ago on a small farm on the green hills of Mullagh, County Cavan. The great adventure for Margaret, Leo and their 4 kids started with 150 free range hens.

Pioneering this alternative farm system where hens have access to the outdoors have given them the love and passion to produce the nicest and tastiest free range eggs in the whole island.

In all our farms, the hens come first. They have freedom to roam on lush green grass every day. They live in well-equipped traditional housing where they return several times a day from their rambles to feed/drink and for safety from predators at night. Their balanced healthy feed is made from natural grains and cereals only and they always have access to fresh spring water.

Today, Clonarn Clover Free Range Eggs works with 21 farmers in Cavan, Meath, Longford, Limerick and Monaghan taking care of 130,000 free range hens; and gives employment locally to 18 people.

The Farrelly’s are 100% committed to free range egg production and that is why they are dedicated to produce and pack these yummy eggs on traditional Bord Bia approved farms.





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