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Campbell’s Perfect Tea

‘Campbell’s Perfect Tea’ has been a part of life in Dublin since 1797. In the late 1700s, George Campbell established a Grocery Business in Church Street. The business prospered. His son John joined him and they were able to move to larger premises on O’Connell Street (then known as Sackville Street). Together they created a blend of tea they were proud enough to put their name on, calling it “Campbell’s Perfect Tea” and packaging it in a distinctive yellow tin.

Throughout the 1800s the business grew and the Campbells took an active part in the life of the city with John becoming Lord Mayor twice.IMAGE - CAMPBELLS REFILL

However, as is the case with many family businesses, it eventually changed ownership, first to Irish Tea Merchants and then to Robert Roberts.

The tradition of a “Perfect” tea blend still continues; Campbell’s today is in the faithful guardianship of Robert Roberts Master Blender Garath Scully, who carefully selects only the finest “top of plant” leaves to ensure the “perfect” taste. This commitment to excellence has been recognised in successive Great Taste Awards.

Campbell’s Tea has been around for over 200 years now.  The world has changed immensely in that time but Campbell’s, and its yellow tin, has stood the test of time and is a nice reminder to us all that newer isn’t always better.

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