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Bryan Lynch Finest Salads

Qualified chef by trade Bryan noticed a market for the first class products to the consumer & decided to get into the salad section. Eleven years ago when the company was established, it was a very small but seen potential for growth. Today the company operates from a purpose built state of the art premises in Ardee Business Park in Ardee, Co. Louth.

At Bryan Lynch Finest Salads we are manufactures of a selection of the finest salads & sauces for the retail sector. We recognize the importance of quality & freshness to the customer & guarantee that all our products are to an exceptionally high standard.

Product Range

Our retail packed salads are supplied in 240g tubs. They are prepared and delivered daily from our factory in Ardee, guaranteeing you the freshest and highest quality of product.


(A blend of white cabbage, carrot and creamy Mayonnaise)

This is our specialty product which has become a household favorite. Beautiful on any sandwich, salad or even with homemade fries

Potato Salad

(Mashed potato, parsley & Mayonnaise)

Made with care and attention from local farm produce. Used to accompany fresh salads or snacks

Egg Mayonnaise

(Chunky hard boiled egg with Mayonnaise)

Home grown Irish eggs blended with our finest mayonnaise to get that chunks feeling. Beautiful with crispy bacon and egg sandwiches or even red onion.

Light Coleslaw

(A blend of white cabbage, carrot and creamy Light Mayonnaise)

Locally grown vegetables made with a lower calorie mayo. Delightful on sandwiches or salads and for people who are watching their calorie intake.

Our Sauces

Garlic Mayonnaise

(A blend of garlic and Mayonnaise)

Beautiful combination of our finest mayonnaise, garlic and parsley. Try on a toasted pannis with smoked chicken and sundried tomatoes. Fabulous even with nachos’ or tortilla crisps. Can be use in dip bowls.

Sweet Chilli Mayonnaise

(Our own recipe with the finest chillies & Mayonnaise)

Our national award winning product that received Silver Award at the Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards in 2012. Blended to perfection to give that perfect sweet and chilli taste. Try with hot chicken or turkey, mozzarella cheese and sliced tomato on any toasted bread product.

Even with nachos’ or tortilla crisps. Can be used in dip bowls.

Taco Mayonnaise

(Full flavoured spicy Mayonnaise)

Our best seller of the range. Full flavoured and a slight bit spicy. Kids love it with French fries or sometime even on their cereal.( Ha Ha).

Can be served as a dip with carrot sticks, celery sticks, nachos’ and tortilla crisps.

Cajun Mayonnaise

(Flavoured spices made to perfection)

One of my favorites. Try our Cajun mayo with breaded chicken goujons, ice-berg lettuce and onion in a pitta bread or tortilla wrap. If you can get tandorri chicken pieces it taste even better. Also used in dips with carrot sticks, celery sticks, nachos’ and tortilla crisps.

Marie Rose

Ideally used with prawn fish but can also be used over hard boiled eggs or as a vegetable dip. Try with tuna fish, red onion and crispy lettuce on any bread product. Carlingford Bay prawns mixed with our Marie-Rose gives you that wonderful taste every time.

Try even on BBQ burgers with salad.

Curry Sauce

(Our newest sauce but an old favourite in Ireland)

We’ve just released out own curry sauce onto the market. Curried flavour with a creamy texture.

Ideally served with cooked meats and salads.


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