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Meet Barry and Bernard Broderick’s, the two brothers behind the delicious chocolate bars and cakes made in Dublin. Visit their highly entertaining website by CLICKING HERE.

Broderick’s is a brand of delicious handmade cake bars and treats with tongue-twisting names. The bars use only the highest quality ingredients including locally-sourced Irish butter and oats, Belgian chocolate and caramel made to a secret recipe.

The brand was launched in 2010 by Barry and Bernard – real brothers who started their baking careers bashing biscuits at their kitchen table for their mother Ina’s famous cheesecakes.


The argumentative brothers (or eejits-in-chief as they’re known at Broderick’s HQ) joined her business in 1994. After learning their trade in the food service sector, introduced their premium signature line featuring the cartoon Cake Crusaders.


Broderick’s bars are delivered to cafes and convenience stores nationwide by the brothers’ colourful fleet of vehicles, as well as being exported to 23 countries. Their new Mini Bites range can be found in the supermarket biscuit aisles. In 2015, Broderick’s will introduce gluten-free lines and a new health-focused range.


 Irish Jobs: Broderick’s currently employs 60 people


Product Range

  • Handmade Caramel Slice – Mmmolten Mmmelted Mmm Mmm Carammmel Mmm Mmm
  • Handmade Chocolate Brownie – Ooozy, Oozy Brown Drip Made Solid Brick
  • Handmade Tiffin Slice – Tiff Toff in the Tuffen, Toffen into the Tiff Toff
  • Handmade Rocky Road – Rock Rocking Choc Choc Block
  • Handmade Fruit Cake – Poco Loco Cakey Bake
  • Handmade Granola Slice – Rollypolly Crunchy Oats in a Stickwicky Coat
  • Handmade Chocolate Cranberry Nut Bar – Tasty Choc Berry & the Nut Nut
  • Yoghurt, Mango & Papaya – Paw Paw & the Fruity More More
  • Six packs of boxed Rocky Road, Caramel Slice, Tiffin Mini Bites


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