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Blendi Smoothies


“We founded Blendi after a series of ‘Smoothie’ & superfood frustrations. Yvonne: Firstly, not always having fresh ingredients to hand when you want to make a smoothie, the hassle of preparing smoothies from scratch and then cleaning up the sticky mess!! The amount of waste thrown out at the end of the week of fruit and vegetables not used up. Superfoods are essential for everyday boost but not always easy to consume. We started using freeze dried fruit and vegetables – 100% natural, same taste and nutritional value as using fresh and adding superfoods which became our Blendi Plus. Shane: We are currently working on making Blendi portable, yes technology enabling you to make your Blendi on the Go….. sign up to our email to get notified when available early 2018. We hope you too will enjoy staying healthy and having fun with Blendi.”



Blendi has been developed not only as a convenience and healthy product but futuristic. The
convenience element of Blendi enables the consumer to make a smoothie in seconds and “onthe-go”
with our USB portable mini Blender Pod (which will be on sale middle 2018). In short, no
more long preparations of chopping, peeling, washing ingredients, no longer confined to the
kitchen and never again run out of ingredients to make a smoothie. It could be compared to a
Nespresso for Smoothies.

Yvonne Dolan Founder, has been an entreprenuer since age 19, developed four previous startups
with three successful exits a qualified Ballymaloe Chef and recently obtained Diplomas in
Digital Marketing and Diploma (DIT) Enterprenuership & Development.
For more information please contact Yvonne & Shane

Blendi is a packet of freeze dried fruit, vegetables, superfoods, pour into a blender, add liquid
and blend. The result is a creamy delicious tasting smoothie with the same nutritional value as
using fresh ingredients.

Blendi is a plant based product, no added sugar, flavourings, preservatives a “Free From”
product, delivering four unique flavours: Hey Orange, Go Green, Pink Grain, Purple Rain.

The packaging will be 100% compostable soon.


For more information please contact Yvonne & Shane

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