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Ballymaloe Foods

Ballymaloe Foods



Three generations of the Ballymaloe House family. From right. Yasmin Hyde, Myrtle Allen and Maxine Hyde. Read the full story about Ballymaloe Foods CLICK HERE:


Myrtle and Ivan Allen opened a restaurant in the dining room of Ballymaloe House in 1964, using produce from the family farm. The restaurant soon attracted huge recognition for its excellent food, winning numerous awards and grew into a family run hotel which welcomes guests to this day.

Yasmin, daughter of Myrtle and Ivan now produces some of Ballymaloe’s favourite recipes with her family for you to enjoy. Ballymaloe Original Relish is Ireland’s favourite relish, a recipe developed by Myrtle in the 1940s from tomatoes grown on the family farm. Yasmin set-up Ballymaloe Foods in 1991 and our range has expanded to over 18 different products including a Pepper Relish, Mint Jelly, Apples Sauce, Cranberry Sauce, Steak Sauce, Pickled Irish Beetroot, Salad Dressings and a Pasta Sauce range.



Local Produce

There are over 25 people employed by Ballymaloe Foods in Little Island, Co. Cork, some of whom have been employed by the company since its foundation. Yasmin has always made it a priority to buy Irish raw materials and packaging, she is also a great supporter of local services such as printing, transport, maintenance and engineering.



Helping the Environment

Ballymaloe Foods support many Irish charities and schools through sponsorship. Yasmin is a strong supporter of anti-litter activities, both nationally as a member of Irish Business Against Litter, and in her local community. She believes a litter-free Ireland is good for our tourism industry and also makes Ireland a nicer place to live. Ballymaloe Foods is also 100% committed in doing all they can to help the environment by sourcing recyclable packaging material and reducing waste at all times.


Product Range

Ballymaloe Original Relish is an old favourite recipe from the restaurant of Ballymaloe House, developed in the 1940s. A delicate balance of tomatoes and gentle spices, it is wonderfully versatile and livens up the simplest of meals. Ballymaloe Foods range of products are made from only the finest ingredients, carefully chosen and prepared in a traditional way. Our products contain no artificial ingredients, made from all-natural ingredients and are gluten free.



Product Pack Size
Ballymaloe Original Relish 310g
Ballymaloe Original Relish 210g
Ballymaloe Original Relish Squeezable 350g
Ballymaloe Original Relish 490g
Ballymaloe Original Relish Squeezable 525g
Ballymaloe Pepper Relish 280g
Ballymaloe Pepper Relish 195g
Ballymaloe  Pepper Relish Squeezable 325g
Ballymaloe Steak Sauce 250g
Ballymaloe Steak Sauce Squeezable 375g
Ballymaloe Cranberry Sauce 210g
Ballymaloe Cranberry Sauce 310g
Ballymaloe Mint Jelly 220g
Ballymaloe Apple Sauce 200g
Ballymaloe Ham Glaze 245g
Ballymaloe Irish Beetroot 415g
Ballymaloe Honey and Mustard Dressing 200ml
Ballymaloe Classic French Dressing 200ml
Ballymaloe Balsamic & Irish Apple Cider Vinegrette 200ml
Ballymaloe Hidden Veggies Pasta Sauce 400g
Ballymaloe Smoked Bacon Pasta Sauce 180g
Ballymaloe Smoked Bacon Pasta Sauce 400g
Ballymaloe Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce 180g
Ballymaloe Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce 400g
Ballymaloe Bolognese Pasta Sauce 400g
Ballymaloe Spicy Tomato Sauce 180g
Ballymaloe Spicy Tomato Sauce 400g
Ballymaloe Mayonnaise 290ml
Ballymaloe Mayonnaise Squeezable 450ml
Ballymaloe Mini Jar Gift Box 6 x 35g
Ballymaloe 2 Jar Gift Box 2 x 210g
Ballymaloe 3 Jar Gift Box 3 x 210g
Ballymaloe Original Relish 5kg
Ballymaloe Original Relish 3kg
Ballymaloe Original Relish Squeezable 525g Top Down
Ballymaloe Original Relish 60x35g
Ballymaloe Pepper Relish 2.75kg
Ballymaloe Steak Sauce 1.4kg
Ballymaloe Irish Beetroot 2.8kg
Ballymaloe Cranberry Sauce 3kg
Ballymaloe Cranberry Sauce 1.35kg
Ballymaloe Mint Jelly 1.5Kg
Ballymaloe Bramley Apple Sauce 1.3kg
Ballymaloe Classic French Dressing 2.5ltr
Ballymaloe Classic French Dressing 750ml
Ballymaloe Honey and Mustard Dressing 750ml
Ballymaloe Honey & Mustard Dressing 2.5ltr









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