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Artizan Food Co

Artizan Food Co, is a leading, Irish corporate catering company.

We aim to provide clients with a one-stop shop for all its catering requirements, be that an in-house Managed Contracts, the provision of Corporate Dining (cooked off-site in its purpose-built 13,000 square-foot Production Facility), sandwich platters, breakfast/pastry platters or themed lunches/parties, canapé receptions etc.

At Artizan Food Co. we stand by our company motto ‘great food comes from great kitchens’ but what makes us truly unique? We are a full-service catering company for the corporate sector or as we like to say – one stop shop catering.

We have designed our current business model to meet evolving client needs, offering a tailored, high quality catering service that really sets us apart. We are also very proud to be a growing, Irish owned and operated business, which champions local produce.

At Artizan Food Co, we have:

  • experience of running managed kitchens in conjunction with chefs who operate in the client’s in-house kitchen;
  • a proven track record of providing hot food to clients, via our Pop Up Restaurant concept (breakfast, lunch and dinner), all of which is prepared at our state of the art Food Production Facility and delivered into our clients fresh daily;
  • a proven track record of operating the Vending/Micro Kitchen services for clients in Dublin, stocking fridges with fresh products produced in-house;
  • a very successful Office Catering Division, which can provide clients with catering requirements for in-house meetings;
  • a proven track record in running innovative themed parties and events (whether that is on our own or partnering with an events company);

Ingredients are sourced locally but are subject to seasonal availability. All red meat, pork and bacon products, dairy and egg products are locally sourced Irish ingredients. Sourcing of fish and chicken locally may vary through the year. Fruit and vegetables are sourced when available, locally on a seasonal basis.

We have a team of professionals and together we pride ourselves in being able to push the boundaries of traditional catering which we believe gives us the edge you need in this competitive environment.

We are always looking to the future of catering and draw on inspiration from many other countries.

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