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About Us

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In 2009 a group of Irish brands making everything from porridge to orange squash came together to set up a new association called Love Irish Food. We want to tell you a little bit more about who we are, what our goals are and how you can protect Irish jobs with simple choices.

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Our Goal

Love Irish Food aims to help shoppers make informed choices about buying Irish manufactured food and drinks. Our overall aim is to safeguard the future of food and drink manufacturing in Ireland.

It’s hard to imagine, while pushing your trolley around the supermarket but behind every Irish product on the shelves is a real home-grown story about people working from farm to factory to supermarket floor to bring you your great quality Irish product. And it’s those people that we want you to think about and hopefully, together, we can make a real difference to their livelihoods.

It’s simple, buying more Irish made products helps Irish businesses survive and protects Irish jobs. That’s something that we can all be proud of and all make a real difference to.

Our research however shows that Irish shoppers are unsure as to what constitutes an Irish brand.

Love Irish Food logo

The Love Irish Food logo is aimed to let shoppers know that a brand is truly an Irish brand which adheres to the strict criteria of the Love Irish Food association, by guaranteeing that the product is manufactured in the REPUBLIC OF IRELAND and importantly that the brand uses ingredients from Ireland where these are available.

Not all Food and Drink brands are eligible to join Love Irish Food. When you see this Love Irish Food Logo on a product you know that it is:

Made in the Republic of Ireland using Local ingredients where they are available.

Take your tea bag for example. Now, the tea leaves can’t be grown in Tipperary, but the tea is graded and made into a ready to use tea bag for you.  So look out for the Love Irish Food logo on your next trip to the shops and buy Irish!

Email if you are interested in becoming a member of Love Irish Food.