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McGargles – Irish Family Brewers


McGargles is part of the Rye River Brewing Company based in Celbridge Co Kildare. The company was started in late 2013 by Niall Phelan, Alan Wolfe and Tom Cronin. Niall Phelan, Co-Founder, McGargles Irish Family Brewers. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE.

















According to their website :


“The McGargle’s Story

The Irish town of Celbridge is famous for its long and thriving tradition of brewing dating back to the early 1700s. The town consisted of large estates which provided the main source of employment for Celbridge and within each of these self-supporting estates was their very own brewery! In 1709 James Carberry’s Brewery, the brewery in which some of this country’s world renowned brewers began their trade, was established in the town centre.

A town steeped in history and with a long association with brewing is the ideal place to brew fantastic beers, and to write our own brewing history – in the case, the story of the dysfunctional first family of Irish brewing, the McGargles.*

*May contain traces of truth”

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