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Gallagher’s Boxty Potato Pancake Mix


Company History: Gallagher’s Boxty 

Gallagher’s Boxty House is an internationally acclaimed restaurant in Temple Bar in Dublin. Following some years in the Caribbean, Padraic Óg Gallagher returned to County Leitrim, working on the family farm and researching Boxty.

In 1988 he was the first to develop the Leitrim Pan Boxty Wrap, when he created a lighter Boxty Pancake maintaining the 70% potato content. This allowed it to be wrapped around a variety of savoury fillings and was successfully patented.
In February 1989 Padraic Óg opened his now famous restaurant at No. 20/21 Temple Bar.

Over the years as the business developed Padraic moved production of some of the food to a dedicated production premises in Tallaght. The production facility makes a range of food products for the restaurant and other food service outlets. Through extensive research and development at the production facility a range of Boxty products has been developed.

Food as natural to Ireland as Pasta to Milano is the overarching theme of the vision for the brand, and with this in mind, Padraic Óg began to investigate the potential of developing a range of ‘Gallagher’s Boxty House’ super-premium food products utilising the wholesome ingredients that can be enjoyed in the home.

All Gallagher’s Boxty House products are PRODUCED IN SMALL BATCHES using only the finest ingredients, carefully chosen and prepared in the traditional way. 100% IRISH AND LOCAL – Gallagher’s Boxty House products are made locally in Ireland.


Gallagher’s Boxty Potato Pancake Mix

Made using the finest of ingredients. All sourced in Ireland. The Boxty Potato Pancake Mix follows closely to the traditional recipe and is inspired by knowledge passed down through generations in County Leitrim. Low in fat, healthy and quick. This product is ideal for families and people with busy lifestyles, who want a quick, healthy and very tasty meal.

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